I am concerned about this double UGG for a long time

6pm and a pair of first instance when five yards, and now no more. Even Mayer also gone. . . Minato live it out – when I bought the price 135 knife, with a knife after a 15% code 114.75. Nor is the full code looks like a record low, the minimum should be 120 when the knife, but also tickets. Why did not the minimum time to buy? Lazy ah ~ want to wait to buy one night, to see the results of the 190 + knife morning. . . The shoes also black, I had also wanted to buy black. Results sinister black five 6pm when simply put black close up. No way, just to be, feces Huang had admitted it. . . Otherwise, I really want to fight the snow barefoot baa. . .

Saying, I am concerned about this double UGG for a long time. For patients with advanced cancer lazy, buy something really strenuous. As early as 2013 (the year before that you’re not wrong!) For Thanksgiving, suddenly I feel that they have the benefit of hindsight should buy a pair of winter boots, because before with my 2 pair sorel been wearing winter was not like the old a. So then, climbing 6pm taking a closer look, the phase of this pair. I picked a few winter boots principles: first, thick enough! Second, do not slip! Third, do not suede! It is located in the northeast of the motherland, more than twenty degrees below zero in winter nothing good fuss. It must be thick enough to slip drops – the market most of UGG are suede, but I feel quite impractical. Suffered after the winter snow deicing soiled his simply can not clean up, and if the upper stained snow, to the interior is wet will no doubt. The above recommendations are presented to small partners who want to play in the snow in the Northeast, do not wear a suede UGG, otherwise the play on wet foot of snow into the house for you to see!

This is my first time to buy things at 6pm, before the sea Amoy buy AIU, nor what the problem encountered. The results of this, 27 November 6pm to a single number of logistics after I was forecast to transport the. Logistics display number 2 delivered, I looked at, I thought it fast storage. As a result, the 4th logistics email me suggest that my package of extended forecast. Why not sign up? Quickly contact transport, logistics and customer service looked at the information that my people not to sign the package, it should be the other family transport companies to sign up, let me go first to look at the seller negotiation. what? Address not look to sign it? Urgent, I contacted 6pm. Tucao 6pm customer service, can only e-mail contact, and giant slow. Very anxious because something was lost, then he wrote two, a concise, a tearful, results in addition to customer name is not the same reply, the content is exactly the same. Bureaucratic jargon, said the address right, display sign with them on the matter, and what they are wrong transport company responsible. . . then what should we do? And transfer back to find customer service, customer service said registration down, all transport nearby warehouse, they went back to the house receipt to the warehouse to cargo. I can only answer said okay. I thought myself have never met the boots do not know what lay in the corner of the warehouse, and my heart still feel good sad. So, I find the courage to communicate to the ~ US logistics logistics carrier is UPS. Correct! It is U! P! S! Looks like this black five ups in addition to turtle speed gave wrong a lot, which was later, when I got the sea Amoy Forum found. ups have live chat, real-time communication of this kind before afraid my English. . . You know. . . To my boots, fight ~ ups of customer service attitude is very good, I reported on the logistics number, she immediately checked out the sign address. Q. I know it also addresses? Nonsense ah ~ I do not know if you write the address of. . . Indeed confirm delivery errors, she said that it would help find the parcel redelivery. ups efficiency quite high, after a complaint the next day logistics and redisplay DestinationScan, the third day on the successful redelivery success lasted 15 days and finally to the transport company, look at the logistics of it ~

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