Identification of UGG boots UGG bad knowledge Daquan

I. First, we look at the soles of boots

In the market there are a variety of snow boots, snow boots common material is nothing more than a plastic bottom, the bottom end of the bubble, rubber bottom, there is a foam base

1, the plastic base, much used in indoor wear shoes at home, 10-20 cheaper and more snow boots, wear easily deformed

2, the bubble at the end of the end, for the price is relatively cheap snow boots, there is a light, the disadvantage is not slippery

3, rubber sole, relatively speaking, like a lot, non-slip, wear-resistant, the market for more than a few dozen large snow boots are basically rubber sole

4, the popularity of UGG’s foundation is devoted to rubber foam bottom, simply means that the composite bottom, sole and local contact is non-slip rubber, which is the end of the bubble, light, which is the sole characteristic, Many do not understand the MM, put this UGG outsole, as a bubble at the end of the end, in fact, is wrong, after wearing, to walk on water tiles will know.

On the price to words, the cost of the best bottom foam rubber, rubber secondly, in the second, the plastic bubble at the end of the minimum.

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Second, the market price of materials and snow boots:

1, suede + synthetic hair, fake leather fake hair the most common materials are also inexpensive

This is inside the price will distinguish selling 20-40 more often of poorer quality, it is recommended not to buy 60-90 of quality should be better, fake fur looks very comfortable, a little like wool

2, cattle cashmere + synthetic hair, leather fake hair

In fact, this leather fake hair, as if there are many such recent foreign trade alone, the leather it, the shoes look texture can be, good quality fake fur point, it should be good, probably in large cost hundreds of dollars, Retail over 100 points more reliable

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