> We’ve debunked this one on EM before, but the Cardinals lost handily to Phillies starter David Buchanan last night, re-awakening the false narrative that they struggle against pitchers they’ve never seen before.

Busting this myth is easy.  We’ll look at guys who at the time had 20 or fewer career starts and see how they did against the Cardinals this year.

Those pitchers had a combined 4.36 ERA against the Cardinals, had an opponent’s line of .300/.357/.406 and a quality start % of 57%.

This has been the case for a while now and probably forever since new pitchers tend to be crappy replacements due to injuries to good pitchers or an organizational failure to develop longstanding rotation pieces.

Let’s look at how the Cards did against new pitchers in the two seasons prior to this one.

Those games combine for a 4.75 ERA, an opponent’s line of .293/.358/.419 and a quality start % of 35%.

The Cardinals don’t suck against unseen pitchers.  We just feel like they do because when they do well we expected them to do well and when they don’t we feel especially underwhelmed.  It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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