> When it was first announced yesterday that Curtis Granderson would be down and out for a good ten weeks, one New York writer joked about how the Yankees should go out and sign Alfonso Soriano to replace him ASAP.

I laughed.  It was a fitting parody of the overreactive New York media machine.

But not a half hour later, columns started popping up.  They were actually suggesting the Yankees go get Soriano.  Not just in New York, but all over the nation.

The display really put on a pedestal the shameful state of the baseball writing profession at large.  Here we have a situation in which one player will be missing one month of the season.  Yet the proposal that garnered the support of some of the most clout-holding names in the industry was for the Yankees to pick up a 37-year old outfielder who’s due $36 million over the next two years in spite of the fact that they’re trying to stay under the luxury tax threshold and will be engaged in a bidding war for Robinson Cano at the end of the year.  All this to replace one guy for one month.

This is debased transaction speculation on a Bleacher Report scale.  And it really let shine the Baseball media’s true colors.

For few players on any other team is there national alarm over an injury.  For no other team is there a national scrambling of the jets to find a replacement, whatever the cost.

The panic induced by this relatively dismissible injury was pathetic and drenched in Yankee partisanship.  Though at this point, that’s not at all surprising in an industry where the vast majority of workers are inept at what they do.


> Allen Craig was the DH in today’s ST game either as a precaution or because the team wanted Ty Wigginton to get time at first base.  At any rate, he went yard against the Astros as did Matt Holliday and Pete Kozma.

> Matt Adams wasn’t healthy enough to get in the lineup, but he says he’s way better than he was yesterday.

> Yadier Molina will get playing time at first base from now until the end of the World Baseball Classic.

> So, Carlos Martinez still isn’t here…


> If Kyle Lohse is still unemployed after the June draft, then whoever picks him up won’t have to give up a draft pick.

> Jeff Loria is still insufferable.

> Any player who has the stones to tell Baseball’s overly pious media and fanbase that his main priority in choosing a team is money can have a seat in the EM Hall of Cult Heroes any day.

> There are few thing more gratifying than seeing Ozzie Smith punch Will Clark in the head.  Watch.

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