> The Cards looked sloppy in their first game of the year against the Marlins, but it’s the first day of Spring Training, so what do you expect?

> That said, while this game was of little consequence and would be easily covered up in the subsequent starts he will be making, getting kicked around by the postmortem Miami Marlins does nothing to help Trevor Rosenthal‘s already-dark horse candidacy for the rotation.

> Allen Craig wasn’t in the lineup because of a minor ache that he deemed of no concern.

> Rafael Furcal was also unsurprisingly absent from the lineup.  He received an anti-inflammatory shot that will keep him from throwing for a few days.

Well, that’s what he says.  Strauss says one to two weeks.

While we all should know by now, the Cardinals are rarely honest as to the degree of injuries; and in some cases they honestly do not know the severity of a given defect as evidenced by their typical misuse of the disabled list.

At any rate, after this offseason, I can’t take much Strauss says with much more than a grain of salt.

(Shelby Miller is just fine.)

> Also to the contrary of Strauss, the Cardinals’ putting Chris Carpenter on the 60-day will not result in a free agent signing.  Almost certainly the slot will go to some inconsequential minor leaguer.

> Adam Wainwright‘s agent left on a trip to Israel yesterday, so no negotiations for a while.  Strauss hints for an upcoming article that the team hopes to keep him, but isn’t sure if it will happen and that there is a length factor in play.

You know how I stand on this.

> Joe Buck might do some Cards games this year.  I like the guy and think it’s a cool idea, though I know many have irrational hatred on a Pujolsian level towards him.

> I’m not so big on his FOX booth partner Tim McCarver, who was given a two-year extension by the national network yesterday.

> Thought this was interesting.  They Yankees have been trying to stay under Baseball’s impending luxury tax threshold (which will basically operate as a salary cap, though they’d never call it that), but they also really want to keep Robinson Cano.  And they can’t do both.

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