With Spring Training games starting up in just over a week, EM will start transitioning content from Twitter back to here.  @elmaquino will still bring you the same important and interesting links and opinions as before, but now everything of note will be in one place right here.

> When it comes to Baseball, many of the biggest stories in the Game get limited and sometimes no coverage from the media at large.  Which is why this story in the LA Times‘ entertainment business blog from Monday didn’t make it to my proverbial desk until late last night.

If you think about these titanic new TV deals teams have been getting over the past year or so, eventually you have to wonder where all this money is coming from.  This is why I have said many a time that the Cardinals must speed up negotiations with FSN if they want to get in on the recent TV cash flow.  Cable providers only have so much cash they can shell out among 30 MLB teams.

And sure enough, it’s already affecting you if you’re a baseball watcher.

DirecTV subscribers in the LA market will now have to pay an extra $3 monthly “sports package surcharge” so as to help fund the Dodgers’ multi-billion dollar TV deal.  Cable provider FiOS also started doing this recently in markets with regional sports networks.

The future in this regard is fuzzy.  Cable providers can and will and maybe already are taking more of your money to help pay for teams’ broadcasting rights, but of course they can only do this for so long until the price exceeds the demand.

I would suspect providers are going to pull up and stop giving out these massive TV deals to teams, though it’s just as reasonable to assume they won’t.

> The Cardinals’ lineup is the fourth-oldest in the Majors.  This tidbit comes from Derrick Goold, who is probably reading this now and is welcome to go ahead and follow me on Twitter.  I follow everyone back.

> Carlos Beltran says he was overused in 2012.  He was 35 for the vast majority of the season and played 151 games.

He also says, “I don’t pay attention to my waist down. If something hurts, I ignore that part.”

> Albert Pujols doesn’t exactly sound like the picture of health either.

> Victor Marte made a killing in Mike Matheny‘s bunting contest today.

> Canada is so desperate for WBC players that Oscar Taveras wants to go help them out.  Apparently he lived in Montreal for a bit as a kid and has dual citizenship there.

> Jeff Loria told Jose Reyes he should buy a nice house in Miami. Two days before he was traded.

Miami has so much drama going on that sometimes I wish I covered them under the banner of Desfile De Odio De Jeffrey Loria.

> The fastest and slowest pitchers in the Majors.  In seconds, not miles per hour.

> Count the number of weird things in this picture.

The Enigma Of Mr. 105

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  1. ToniferJames says :

    “Buy a house in Miami… I’d really like to be able to screw you over a little bit more before you go.”

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