> EM has closely covered the usually-overlooked aspects of Baseball’s just-beneath-the-surface PED culture.  However, I didn’t feel like commenting on this Biogenesis (being called the “BALCO of the East”) scandal since it at first appeared to do nothing but confirm what was already stated on this site six months ago: that as much as half the league is on something and is getting away with it.

However, one of the players mentioned in Anthony Bosch’s notebooks is Alex Rodriguez, whose public perception as an overpaid, cheating douche has made him the sport’s biggest villain.

It is for this reason that the baseball media at large has targeted him, suspiciously forgetting that Nelson Cruz, Gio Gonzalez and Melky Cabrera were also named in the notebooks.  And such targeting has led to ridiculous theories coming from writers who are doing their very best to draw some blueprint for the Yankees to get out of the worst contract in history.

Here are some of those.

Let’s make this clear: A-Rod is not going away.  If his hip surgery was not expected to be damnable before, it shouldn’t be after this fiasco.  And if MLB uses these notebooks to rule him guilty of using PEDs, he gets a 50-game suspension just like everybody else.

I’m not an A-Rod fan and I’m not sure who still is other than his immediate family members, but I’m not going to morph my distaste for the guy into some cockamamie nonsense hypothetical and sell it to my readers as a probable outcome.  I only wish “the pros” had the same standard.

> I wasn’t going to comment on Ronny Cedeno either, but I’ve been asked a few times on Twitter, so here goes.

Not even mild disappointment is warranted for such a minor signing.  Yeah Cedeno isn’t very good but he is not being paid to be the starter.  He’s being paid barely anything ($1.1 million plus incentives) to be better than Pete Kozma.

The only real implication is that a week before the signing, John Mozeliak said that the Cardinals would stick with Pete if Furcal was healthy; and if not, they would get a free agent.  They got a free agent.

> Follow the Spring Training race as 56 players fight for the 25 Major League roster spots on EM.

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