It’s still the offseason, in case you couldn’t tell.


LF Lou Brock (L) (1964–1979)
2B Rogers Hornsby 
(R) (1915–1926, 1933)
RF Stan Musial 
(L) (1941–1963)
1B Albert Pujols
 (R) (2001–2011)
CF Jim Edmonds
 (L) (2000–2007)
Ted Simmons (S) (1968–1980)
3B Ken Boyer (R) (1955–1965)
SS Ozzie Smith (S) (1982–1996)


CR Yadier Molina (R) (2004–Pres)
OF Enos Slaughter (L) (1938–1953)
OF Curt Flood (R) (1958–1969)
1B Jim Bottomley (L) (1922–1932)
IF/OF Red Schoendienst (S) (1945–1956, 1961–1963)


SP Bob Gibson (R) (1959–1975)
SP Jesse Haines (R) (1920–1937)
SP Dizzy Dean (R) (1930–1937)
SP Harry Brecheen (L) (1940–1953)
SP Chris Carpenter (R) (2004–Pres)


CL Lee Smith (R) (1990–1993)
SU Jason Isringhausen (R) (2002–2008)
LS Ken Dayley (L) (1984–1990)
LS Al Hrabosky (L) (1970–1977)
RP Todd Worrell (R) (1985–1992)
RP Bruce Sutter (R) (1981–1984)
RP Jason Motte (R) (2008–Pres)

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8 responses to “THE ALL-TIME CARDS TEAM”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I would have had Johnnie Mize on the team somewhere.

  2. elmaquino says :

    It was tight between him and Bottomley

  3. ToniferJames says :

    Amazing- nearly every section of Cardinals history is accounted for. We are lucky to have a team with such rich history.

  4. Rob Brown says :

    Good choices. But I would have Enos Slaughter and Joe Medwick as the starting outfielders over Lou Brock and Jim Edmonds (who loses out to Enos Slaughter by just a little bit). And Ted Simmons was the Mike Piazza of the 1970s–a great hitting catcher with limited defensive skills. Catching is about defense–so I give Yadier Molina the number spot. And Molina has proven himself to be one of the best hitting catchers in MLB the past two seasons.

    • elmaquino says :

      I have little doubt Yadi will finish up as the best catcher in Cardinals history, but I based this list on who has done the most good for the organization on the field, and for now, I think Simmons leads Yadi.

  5. Larry says :

    I can see having Lou Brock on the starting team for balance. You already have enough big bats in that lineup. But Medwick (.335 average in 11 years as a Cardinal) should be on the team, don’t you think.

    • elmaquino says :

      That’s fair. I went Flood since new fielding stats show what he did in center outweighed even Ducky Medwick’s contributions while in a Cardinal uniform, even if it was just by a little bit. Not to mention Flood can give you some great speed off the bench.

      I’d take either, really. If Medwick was there instead of Flood, I’d have no qualms.

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