USA Today has this cool thing where they use the median team salary in the Major Leagues to construct the best 25-man roster they can based on players’ actual salaries that year.

Here’s mine, with exactly $758,405 left over.  You’ll notice that while they’re mid-market, Los Maquinos have a stunning player develop-ment system.


CR: Buster Posey, Right-hander, San Francisco Giants ($615,000)

1B: Paul Goldschmidt, Right-hander, Arizona D-backs ($482,000)

2B: Danny Espinosa, Switch-hitter, Washington Nationals ($506,000)

3B: Chase Headley, Switch-hitter, San Diego Padres ($3,475,000)

SS: Ian Desmond, Right-hander, Washington Nationals ($512,500)

LF: Andrew McCutchen, Right-hander, Pittsburgh Pirates ($708,333)

CF: Mike Trout, Right-hander, Anaheim Angels ($480,000)

RF: Giancarlo Stanton, Right-hander, Miami Marlins ($480,000)


CR: Matt Wieters, Switch-hitter, Baltimore Orioles ($500,000)

IF: Neil Walker, Switch-hitter, Pittsburgh Pirates ($500,000)

IF: Jamey Carroll, Right-hander, Minnesota Twins ($2,750,000)

OF: Jason Heyward, Left-hander, Atlanta Braves ($565,000)

OF: Ben Revere, Left-hander, Philadelphia Phillies ($492,500)


SP: Clayton Kershaw, Left-hander, Los Angeles Dodgers ($7,750,000)

SP: Justin Verlander, Right-hander, Detroit Tigers ($20,100,000)

SP: Felix Hernandez, Right-hander, Seattle Mariners ($19,700,000)

SP: Cliff Lee, Left-hander, Philadelphia Phillies ($21,500,000)

SP: Wade Miley, Left-hander, Arizona D-backs ($481,000)


RP: David Hernandez, Right-hander, Arizona D-backs ($499,000)

RP: Jake McGee, Left-hander, Tampa Bay Rays ($484,200)

RP: Kelvin Herrera, Right-hander, Kansas City Royals ($480,650)

RP: Kenley Jansen, Right-hander, Los Angeles Dodgers ($491,000)

RP: Tom Wilhelmsen, Right-hander, Seattle Mariners ($482,900)

RP: Robbie Ross, Left-hander, Texas Rangers ($480,000)

RP: Ryan Cook, Right-hander, Oakland A’s ($480,000)

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