It was reported in advance tonight that the Cardinals are going to trade Skip Schumaker to the Dodgers.  MSTA reports that the Cards will be getting Jake Lemmerman, a double-A shortstop.  (What do you know, blogs can get accurate news before beat reporters.)

Lemmerman appears to be relatively unimportant seeing as how he’s never done much in three minor league seasons, and aside from his detailed party life at Duke, there’s not a whole lot to talk about regarding him.

The real concern is that the Cards are now essentially vacant at second.  I know that general manager John Mozeliak values Daniel Descalso enough to have his proxy manager start him at second every day, and even if that’s how it’s gonna go down in 2013 (God forbid), someone’s gotta back him up if Skip isn’t going to.

Now, if you don’t read EM often enough, you’re probably thinking the Cards aren’t vacant at second since since Matt Carpenter and Kolten Wong are just waiting to get their shot.  But when the Cardinals were trying so hard to get Marco Scutaro at the Winter meetings to the point of paying him way too much, I took that to mean that A) Carpenter’s transition to second base is not going smoothly at all and B) that Wong isn’t going to be ready for the Bigs after only one minor league season (and his first full season anywhere).

If Mozeliak makes no second base acquisitions until spring training, he will be pitting those two against eachother for the second base job; which will tell us what he really thinks of Schumaker.  And all in all, second base remains a nightmare position as it has all offseason unless an addition is made.

As for Skip, he has been on every Cardinals team I’ve ever watched, and I’d like to thank him for his time in St. Louis and wish him the best of luck with the Superdodgers.  Keep on sliding into first, hoss.

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4 responses to “CARDS SEND SKIP TO LA”

  1. ToniferJames says :

    Interesting question: Is it coincidence that Skip and McGwire will be working together in Los Angeles?

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