I usually reserve this site for Cardinals stuff, but since I’m from Kansas City and the Royals are my unwanted stepchild, I figured I’d address this major trade they went though with last night, especially since I cannot find any writers who thought it was even potentially a good move.

Royals Get:
James Shields
Wade Davis

Rays Get:
Wil Myers
Jake Odorizzi
Mike Montgomery
Patrick Leonard

Myers is widely regarded as the Game’s best hitting prospect, which is hard to argue with wen you look at his numbers.  However, this is a team that has a record of bringing guys up too early, and yet they let this one sit it out in the minors while giving Jeff Francoeur at-bats.  That might have been a team control issue, or it might’ve been that they thought his minor league production was a mirage of sorts.  And personally, I’m pretty much sold on Montgomery and Odorizzi being pretty overrated.

It’s unlikely that all three of them blossom into the power players Baseball America pinned them down as becoming a year ago.  And even if they do, the Royals have much bigger and more pressing things to worry about.

Year after year, the Royals drop leaflets from B-17s spreading the propaganda to the good people of metropolitan KC.  Being the still-great baseball town that it is, many continue to buy in in spite of the gaping holes in an underfunded team.  This year it was especially embarrassing as the hometown nine splashed the city’s billboards with the proud declaration of “Our Time,” with a picture of top prospect Eric Hosmer watching another homerun go flying.

Right off the bat, the team dragged through a twelve-game losing streak that began in the second week of the season.  Hosmer hit .232 and was deported from the three spot.  The Royals finished at 72-90, and all the while the Our Time billboards and commercials mocked.

The Royals are bleeding out constituents by the day.  The Glass family’s ownership has reduced Ewing Kauffman’s once-proud dynasty to ruins, the whole time promising that, “Hey, we’re trying.”  People stop believing.  I myself am a Cards fan because I was not convinced before and not convinced now that the people who own the team are even Royals fans themselves.  The Royals have to do something fast before they lose even more players to superior franchises, and that’s exactly what Dayton Moore was trying to do last night.

In 2015, offensive staple Billy Butler will be gone, and organizational darling Hosmer will not be far behind.  Dayton Moore has made the best of his teams’ losing ways by using high draft picks to cultivate the team he now has.  All the suffering of the past decade has now culminated into a tiny window into which Moore is trying to fit by acquiring the already-arriveds using yet-to-arrives.

Shields will be in KC for two years.  The Royals are in the weakest division in the Majors.  Maybe this deal will burn the Royals.  Maybe Rays GM Andy Friedman has done it again and just acquired some staples of the future for commodities he doesn’t need.  Maybe Shields’ bad year was not an anomaly but a trend.  Maybe the erratic Davis will end up not being all that he was cracked up to be.

Maybe.  Quite possibly.  But Moore doesn’t care.  His career is on the line, and he has just two years to make this thing work.  The reality of “Our Time” is now all too real.  We are all about to find out whether or not all this heartache will ever culminate into the magical season we’ve been teased about for oh so long.


  1. Anonymous says :

    You are wacked. Stick with the cards or at least do some homework before writing. Shields had a bad year?? 15-10 in the AL with an ERA under 4. Dude, r u really a sportswriter? KC got two, 2, starting pitchers for no major leaguers. Are you looking at the same trade as me?

    • elmaquino says :

      In order:

      -Not wacked
      -Did my homework
      -“Down year” is probably better phraseology although it was worse than what you would think of as a typical James Shields season
      -Spare me the win-loss record
      -“ERA under four” is not the qualifier you want to use for your ace
      -Will be
      -Odorizzi is a major leaguer and Myers will be in 2013
      -You only have Shields for two years

  2. breakingwi says :

    15-10 with a 3.52 ERA certainly isn’t a bad year (though Shields did go through a rough stretch in the middle of the season). But I’m still not sold on everyone calling Shields an ace; his only ace-type season was 2011. And that followed a season in which he had a 5.18 ERA and led the AL in runs allowed. Other than that, he’s been an average pitcher, maybe slightly above.

    Davis, on the other hand, should not be a starter. He was very mediocre- if that- in ’10 and ’11. Then last year he blossomed in the bullpen, a role the Royals intend to remove him from.

    I agree with you that all of the prospects are, to some extent, a bit overrated, but I still think KC got shelled in this deal.

    • elmaquino says :

      Fair to say. I think they’ll lose out in the long-term regardless. But the point is that KC doesn’t care about the long-term. They HAVE to win in the next two years.

      • breakingwi says :

        They have the rotation and the offense to do so in baseball’s weakest division. But if they don’t win- which is more than likely under the management of Ned Yost- Glass is going to be rode out of town on a rail.

      • elmaquino says :

        No he won’t. His mediocrity has been tolerated so long any of the fans left who still despise him will deal with it or leave. Can’t fire the owner, unfortunately.

        Dayton Moore will be a goner though.

      • breakingwi says :

        Feel sort of bad for Moore then. He seems like a relatively smart GM; just struggling to work with what he’s been given by his owner.

      • elmaquino says :

        brilliant drafter and props to him for signing some of his guys cheaply and for long term, but loses every single trade. he doesnt deserve the heat he gets here, but hes finished if nothing happens in 13 a/o 14

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