David Freese crashed his Range Rover avoiding a deer, per a source close to him.  This is what’s left:

EM wishes him the best, and hopes he’s alright.

UPDATE : Witnesses to the accident claimed Freese might have been drunk when the accident occurred, but @MattSebek confirms that he’s fine and has gone through police procedure.

UPDATE: Post-Dispatch confirms.  KSDK says authorities don’t suspect anything more, so neither does EM.

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3 responses to “FREESE CRASHES CAR”

  1. dave says :

    I was the first one there and he did not seem drunk at all.

  2. dave says :

    Also, I saw a huge buck about 1/4 mile from there and heard gunfire from or near Babler Park so it could have been a deer.

    • elmaquino says :

      I originally heard he was avoiding a deer. not sure where the drunk part came in to be honest.

      thanks for chiming in. after i heard the police gave him the okay, i figured everything was alright

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