> I’m not going to rant.  I’ve made my case for Mike Trout, and I believe it is way stronger than any that can be made for Miguel Cabrera.  That said, the writers have messed up awards voting for a long time now, and this was far from unexpected.

However, I do think the guys who had it right should be recognized, and the guys who had it wrong should be called out.  So here are all the writers and whose name they checked on the 2012 AL MVP ballot.

Tim Britton, Providence Journal-Bulletin
Jim Caple, ESPN
Joe Haakenson, At Large
Sean McAdam, CSN New England
Roger Mooney, Tampa Tribune
Jeff Passan, Yahoo!

Bob Dutton, KC Star
Bob Elliot, Toronto Sun
Mark Feinsand, NY Daily News
Tom Gage, Detroit News
Mark Gonzalez, Chicago Tribune
Evan Grant, Dallas Morning News
Paul Hoynes, Cleveland Plain Dealer
George King, NY Post
Tim Kurkjian, ESPN
Larry LaRue, Tacoma News Tribune
John Lowe, Detroit Free Press
La Velle Neal III, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Sheldon Ocker, Akron Beach Journal (3rd place vote)
John Shipley, St. Paul Pioneer Press
Susan Slusser, San Francisco Chronicle
Joe Stiglich, Bay Are News Group
Marc Topkin, Tampa Bay Times
Mark Whicker, Orange County Register
Paul White, USA Today
Jeff Wilson, Ft. Worth Star Telegram
Daryl Van Schouwen, Chicago Sun Times
Mark Zwolinski, Toronto Star

Buster Posey won the NL MVP over Ryan Braun and Yadier Molina.

> Okay, now I know he’s drunk.

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  1. Commenter says :

    Funny, But he looks perfectly sober and happy to me… :) #JustSayin’… :)

  2. Reg says :

    Talk to me after Trout plays ONE full year. He may become a great player, but there are alot of players who have one great year and then never match that performance again.
    Time will tell.

  3. Mike V says :

    You can’t just use WAR to determine MVP.

    Let’s take Trout out of the equation for a minute, just to make an argument.

    Using your logic Robinson Cano should have been the MVP in this hypothetical, not Cabrera. Both had 697 AB. Cabrera scored 4 more runs, had 7 more hits, 11 more home runs, 45 more RBI, 17 points higher BA, more walks, higher OBP-SLG-OPS. Oh yes, a little thing called the Triple Crown.

    Cano did have 7 less errors in the infield, but he destroyed Cabrera in WAR 8.0 to 6.7. This is why relying on WAR is ridiculous. Many of us think the construction of the formula is flawed. Even though I agree that any team would knock their eye teeth out to have Cano, he would not have been MVP over Cabrera in 2012. Even the writers from NYC wouldn’t have voted for that.

  4. breakingwi says :

    I actually found your argument tough to counter, despite the fact I wanted Cabrera to win. But there are certainly conflicting definitions of the MVP award out there, and I think you and I believe in different ones. Not saying that yours is at all wrong, though. Stuff like this gets confusing when you’re literally trying to define an award

    • elmaquino says :

      i was surprised that discussion didn’t really come up this year after it was the central focus last year.

      what’s your definition?

      • breakingwi says :

        i might have mentioned this to you last year as well, but “valuable” and “best” have different definitions. Trout was the best player all-around, but Cabrera was the most valuable to his team, in my opinion.

      • elmaquino says :

        Last year it was easier to make the case that “valuable” and “best” were the same since Kemp and Braun play (relatively) the same position and hit in the same spot in the lineup, so I could argue that if Kemp had played for the Brewers, he would have been more valuable than Braun was. (The diamond in the necklace analogy.)

        But this year, that’s tougher. Trout won more games for his team than Cabrera did, and even though his team finished with a better record than Cabrera’s, they didn’t make the playoffs because they are in baseball’s best division, not its worst.

        I basically think that “valuable” means the best player. Take the team factor out of it and isolate each guy. Whoever would be worth the most on his own is the MVP the way I see it.

      • breakingwi says :

        that’s certainly another way to look at it. i’m not completely sure whether the voting is supposed to be based off of who is more valuable to his team or who is more valuable by himself, but the voters seem to think it’s the former, which is probably why i believe that.

      • elmaquino says :

        the rules printed on the ballot are pretty vague, which leaves it up to a lot of personal interpretation.


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