> Greetings from Mizzou!  I was going to see David Freese here at the lecture center today, but for some reason the Monday press release announcing his visit has since been deleted and his arrival was not included in yesterday’s student e-mail.

But I’m sure this had nothing to do with it.

@GetALIFEMaquino exists now.  My work here is finished.

UPDATE: It’s been suspended.

> Matt Holliday got screwed out of a Silver Slugger that instead went to Jay Bruce.  Here is a list of the stats Bruce led Holliday in:

1. Homeruns
2. Slugging percentage

> No, Joe Buck did not have a love affair with former Cardinal Fernando Tatis.

> Jaime Garcia hasn’t even begun rehab yet.

> Mike Matheny really wants Matt Carpenter to start at second base this year.  Imagine this lineup:

1. Jon Jay, CF
2. Carlos Beltran, RF
3. Matt Holliday, LF
4. Allen Craig, 1B
5. Yadier Molina, CR
6. David Freese, 3B
7. Matt Carpenter, 2B
8. Rafael Furcal/Pete Kozma/Somebody else, SS

That’s pretty freaking good.

> Rafael Furcal is rehabbing well, and that might mean the Cards won’t go after Asdrubal Cabrera or any other shortstop.

> MLB is discussing changing roster sizes in the future.

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  1. breakingwi says :

    That @Getalifemaquino was amusing while it lasted. I stopped following it after awhile, but I think it was trying to start an argument with you about how David Freese was a gay guy in the closet? Lol.

  2. Adam Williams (@Adamn_Williams) says :

    I find it quite amusing. Looks like you’ll have a spammer on your butt for awhile.

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