> Strauss says the Cardinals have a real interest in Indians shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera. (This guy.)  Makes sense since there are still concerns with Rafael Furcal‘s health and Pete Kozma‘s long-term usefulness in the Majors.

Cabrera’s due $6.5 mill next year and $10 mill the year after that; and the Cards don’t appear to have any legitimate upcoming shortstop prospects.

> A lot of fans apparently want Troy Tulowitzki.  EM won’t justify that notion with any kind of consideration because I promise you the Cardinals aren’t either.  But it did make me think of how warped Cards fans’ perspective might be if A) they think they can have whoever they want and B) they think all the hometown guys are worth so much more than other teams’ run-of-the-mills.

> Around the time it became apparent that President Obama would retain his title, Shelby Miller tweeted and deleted a message that read, “Moving to DR. Tax Freeee.”

Miller did follow up with a good sport, “Do your thing Obama. Just find a way.”

Yasmani Grandal was suspended for testosterone use today.  And all the morons who thought Melky Cabrera was an isolated incident gasped.

> Proof that I’m perfectly justified in calling you Rally Squirrel fans insane.

> Chris Carpenter‘s having a productive offseason.

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  1. breakingwi says :

    I would be scared if you guys found away to get Asdrubal. But if I were a Cards fan, I’d actually want Asdrubal more than Tulo (at least right now, based on Tulo’s injury-plagued ’12).

    Sometimes these baseball players who tweet have to remember that they are borderline celebrities. As funny as Miller’s tweet is, that’s a dangerous thing to do

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