Short edition tonight, but check out yesterday’s if you missed it.  Commentary on the egregious Gold Gloves and Strauss’ getting moved off the beat.

> Rick Ankiel is thinking about making a pitching comeback, and the Cards might be interested in giving him a shot with them.  That’d be cool.

> Sean Burnett declined his option and became a free agent.  Because you probably have no idea who he is or why he’s important, he’s the Nationals’ left-handed reliever whom the Cards beat the crap out of in the NLDS and whom they’ve also expressed interest in acquiring.

> Sam Freeman has kinda sucked in the AZFL and won’t be in the All-Star Game due to injury.  Maybe that’s why Marc Rzepczynski was left by himself on the left side of the Cardinals’ playoff bullpen.

> Kyle McClellan, on the other hand, is feeling great.

> The Cards are investing quite a bit into out-of-State talent.

> “The Tony Plush Era in Milwaukee apparently is over.”

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