> Anyone with half a brain could tell last night that the Gold Glove award is now, to any fan with minimal understanding of the game, nothing short of a pathetic and embarrassing joke.

(The following analysis could be done by anyone who actually watches baseball, though defensive metrics were used to confirm everything said.)

For instance, the biggest of snubs last night was Brendan Ryan, the best fielder in the game at any position.  But he didn’t win the award for best AL shortstop.  J.J. Hardy did.  Why?  Here’s why:

Ryan: .194, 3 HR, 31 RBI
Hardy: .238, 22 HR, 68 RBI

For too long, offense has been an integral part of the Gold Glove: an award given to the best fielders.  (The average non-pitching Gold Glove winner averaged .279 with 25 homers and 83 RBI this year.)  For instance, Michael Bourn is a far better fielder than Andrew McCutchen.  So why didn’t he win?

Bourn: .274, 9 HR, 57 RBI
McCutchen: .327, 31 HR, 96 RBI

Brandon Phillips should have beat Darwin Barney, Adrian Gonzalez should have beat Mark Teixeira, Brandon Crawford should have beat Jimmy Rollins, Martin Prado should have been way ahead of Carlos Gonzalez and Mike Trout should have beat Adam Jones (that one makes absolutely no sense).

This proves absolutely that fans have every right to question and criticize the managers and coaches who allegedly “know the game.”  They clearly do not know as much as they’d like to pretend they do, and their egregious Gold Glove picks do nothing but confirm that.

And don’t shovel that criticizing criticism BS on me either.  Even if everyone knows the Gold Glove is a joke, it still needs to be berated for the farce it is.  Like 1776 England.

> And another thing: I question your right to say anything about the screw jobs above if you think Miguel Cabrera is the AL MVP.  You would just as soon throw out defense in favor of offense as the Gold Glove voters did.

> Congrats to Yadier Molina, who is so good even those voters couldn’t screw him over.

> Big overturn today for the Post-Dispatch as, from what I can tell, Derrick Goold and Rick Hummel take over the team beat report while Joe Strauss moves to columnist work.

This, from what I can tell, basically makes Strauss irrelevant.  Normally his… disposition is tolerated since he occasionally delivers team news from the inside.  But now he’s lost that job and the only thing left is the jerkoff attitude that probably cost him his beat job in the first place.

It would be completely understandable if he’s been removed from his post because every guy on the team hates talking to him, causing the Post-Dispatch to assign the much more personable Hummel to the beat in his place.  I’d bet my last dollar that that’s the case.

> Who wants to trade Carlos Beltran for Joba Chamberlain and David Adams?

> Giants GM Brian Sabean declares his yard–not St. Louis–is the real Baseball Heaven.

> Thanks to Angel Pagan for the free Dorito taco yesterday.  Though it would have been even cooler if he actually gave it to me himself.

> Behold: All the championship hats of every team who was close but not close enough.

> Happy Halloween!  Here’s former Cardinal P.J. Walters dressed as Thor.

> And this is Tyrell Jenkins, a top-five Cardinals prospect.

> Oh, this… this changes everything.  The Philadelphia 76ers unleashed the newest in T-shirt-launching technology today.  This may literally mean war.


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