> I’m sort of surprised that the Cardinals didn’t offer Kyle Lohse a qualifying offer ($13.3 mil) that, if rejected, would get them a high draft pick.  You figure he shoots it down looking for more than one measly year, but maybe the Cards fear he likes it too much here.

It looks particularly bizarre when this is the same team thinking of locking Adam Wainwright up for the rest of his career right off of Tommy John.

> Lohse and Lance Berkman are now off the 40-man, replaced by Jorge Rondon (whoever he may be) and Kyle McClellan was too, though he doesn’t have a contract for next year yet.

> Octavio Dotel will stay in Detroit and maintain his one-team lead over Mike Morgan, Matt Stairs and Ron Villone on the most franchises played for leaderboard.

> Hurricane Sandy is why accidentally released the Astros’ new logo.  Whatever that means.

> Tony LaRussa wants everyone to shake hands like you did in Kindergarten soccer.

> How the Cards are doing in the AZFL.

Why aren’t those games streamed online, by the way?

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