> About an hour after the Giants won the World Series last night, I googled, “san francisco riot” half expecting to see something bad and half not.

Sure enough, this is what I saw.  35 people were arrested, 76 fires were started and well over a million dollars in damage was done in the city of the winning team.

> I knock Cards fans all the time about their overall overratedness as a fan base, but I will say that this wouldn’t ever happen in St. Louis.

> I was surprised a the lack of mention this got in the baseball media today.  I didn’t see it mentioned one time.

> Speaking of a lack of coverage, it was bizarre to see that the World Series got absolutely zero play in the real-world news today.  Granted you don’t expect it to be front-page with Hurricane Sandy hitting New York City, but looking at any given news site not 24 hours later and you wouldn’t even know who the World Champions are.

> Vegas is still buying into the Tigers even after the sweep seeing as how they’re listed as the most likely team to win the Series next time around.

The Cardinals are tied for seventh with the Reds and Phillies; and the Astros are facing 150-1 odds.

> This is the menu of left-handed relievers this offseason.  They and every other free agent (incl. Kyle Lohse and Lance Berkman) hits the market midnight Eastern Time Friday.

Jeremy Affeldt
Sean Burnett
Tim Byrdak
Randy Choate
Dana Eveland
Pedro Feliciano
Brian Fuentes
Mike Gonzalez
Alex Hinshaw
J.P. Howell
Will Ohman
Darren Oliver
J.C. Romero
Hisanori Takahashi

Given Affeldt’s probably pretty cozy on the world champions and Fuentes is dealing with his issues, it would appear John Mozeliak’s got some trading to do this offseason.

> There’s some symbolism involved with Ryan Theriot peeing during a post-World Series victory interview, though I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.

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