> Well, the 2012 Major League Baseball season is over.  The San Francisco Giants have, as theorized, beaten the Tigers in a four-game sweep, no less.

Honestly, this is the only World Series I’ve ever watched where I have had absolutely no interest in the outcome.  The first three games were really dry, and both teams trading homers before an extra-innings win brought to you by none other than Marco Scutaro and Ryan Theriot made up a Game Four that saved this year’s Series from being among the least interesting in all of recent memory.

Maybe it’s vain to see it this way, but as I watched this Series drudge along, all I could think about was how bad the Tigers looked and how easily the Cards might have beaten them had they won just one more game against the now-champion Giants.

At any rate, congrats to San Francisco.  They–especially Barry Zito–beat us in a clean fight, and if you’re gonna go out, best to go out against the champs.

> That was a really inadvisable take, man…

> The Stupidpalooza surrounding Miguel Cabrera‘s no-show in the postgame press conference last night was yet another complete embarrassment for the national baseball media at large.  To think that those guys feel so entitled that they will disparage a guy (not directly, of course) for not coming to trade BS cliches with them is obnoxious beyond tolerance.

> Goold says “the Cardinals hope to discuss an extension this winter that will lock up [Adam Wainwright] for most of his remaining career, if possible.”

I wouldn’t endorse such a move.  He has always been adamant about wanting to stay a Cardinal, which is a leverage the front office shouldn’t waste on a guy who was lest than sharp his first year off of major surgery.  Wait and see how the 31-year-old does in a full season first before making a rash move that could inhibit many a top pitching prospect.

> Said yesterday that I don’t care about Series TV ratings, but Forbes points out that Big bang Theory directly competes with the World Series in ratings, which I think is more an indictment on the American TV watcher than the interestingness of the games.

> George McGovern, the influential Democrat who got pillaged by Nixon in ’72, was eulogized as a Cards fan a couple days ago.

> Hope this doesn’t manifest itself into something stupid-looking.

> A bird crapping on a San Francisco on-site reporter.

> Speaking of crap, this shows the danger of newswire auto-posts.


  1. karlbball says :

    Love the “Theriot’s Giants” slant. Ryan brought a lot of fire to this 2012 Giants in the form of great at bats, really good fielding, and his outgoing personality to this team. (OH yeh, great hair too.) When Marco Scutaro caught fire it meant Ryan lost his starting job. Did Theriot complain, pout, or ever look unprepared? Never. Strikes me that the baseball gods were looking to repay Theriot for his key contributions when he scored the winning run for his World Series Champs.

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