The Cardinals dealt a catastrophic blow to Post-Dispatch writer Joe Strauss‘ ego when they shut the media out of their playoff-clinching celebration. These are the tweets from that night/morning:

> Fans shut out, too. RT @RickyH49: Disappointed Cardinals chose private playoff celebration. Their prerogative but would like to have seen it

> I don’t dig getting sprayed by alcohol. But it does say something when club intentionally shuts out its clientelle from clinch party.

> It might be more succinct for Cards next time to display sign: “Country club. Members only. No public.” Spare the lip service re: fans.*

> @DannyBrams convey info to public. Sorry you miss connection. It’s a time when you convey emotion as much as info. Cards made impossible.*

> Think he really meant media. RT @ReidLaymance: @JoeStrauss interesting, I saw manager say on mlbtv clip he told players to go home

> @SLULAWGSR it’s an access issue to get players’ take. It’s to provide to fans. You really think media prefer hanging out until 2 am at park?

Look at Strauss’ timeline at any given time.  You really think he gives one iota of care for the fans?  No way.

Anyway, I normally wouldn’t devote more than a sentence to this on EM, but what’s interesting is that while I was getting the links off the EM newswire to put here, the two asterisked tweets above were inaccessible.  The two tweets that criticized the Cardinals directly by name were deleted by Strauss.

Who made him do it?  Strauss left the other tweets, indicating he didn’t have a change of heart some time between that morning and today.  EM has learned that the Post-Dispatch send out a memo to its attending staff telling them to stop complaining after Strauss went on a three-day rant about the conditions of the press box cuisine.  Did they make him get rid of the team-criticizing tweets too?


Dusty Baker put out his full starting lineup in a meaningless game, Mike Matheny put out his AAA squad.  Matheny won.

Shelby Miller got his first Big League start and killed it, taking a no-hitter through five and striking out seven in six with only 72 pitches thrown.  After he left, the patchwork lineup in which Skip Schumaker was hitting third was able to piece exactly one run together in the eighth.

The best part about the night, though, was when Lance Berkman came out for his final career at-bat to thunderous applause from the St. Louis fans.  Watch.


> I almost never buy into the mostly media-contrived “fan intimidation” factor, even in big games.  But I do make exception for a fully packed Turner Field in playoff season; especially if everybody in the stands has a tomahawk.


> Congrats to the Cards for gutting it out through the long season and making it through to the playoffs after all.  In all honesty, they probably don’t deserve to be there and are only in because of Selig’s idiot improvisation, but they have nothing to apologize for.  They’re in, and they appear ready for it.

> EM already saluted the end of Lance Berkman’s career when it was announced that he was going to be shut down for the year, but to reiterate, this is probably it for Berkman, who finishes a 14-year career with a .296 average, 360 homeruns and 1200 RBI.  Against the Cardinals he hit .313 with 39 homers and 118 RBI; for them .296 with 33 homers, 101 RBI and one of the most important at-bats in team history.

Thank you, Lance.  What many saw as a pickup of a past-prime star turned into one of the best rebound seasons in recent memory, and the Cardinals wouldn’t have come close to winning a Championship without you.

> Berkman actually didn’t even want to go out there.

> In retrospect, Mark Ellis‘ baserunning error on Thursday was really bad.  Like, season-wrecking bad.

> The Fan Cave will continue throughout the postseason, which means even more @KyleOKC retweets.  Which is unfortunate.

> Here’s a guilt-inducing piece about the men and women who clean up Busch Stadium when you’re pompous butt leaves peanuts in the corners under your seat.


> Miguel Cabrera won the triple crown in the American League for the first time since ’67 when Carl Yastrzemski did it.  I still take Mike Trout in the MVP vote, but that’s a discussion for another day.

> Miller was 0-27 in the minors this year, but went 2-2 against Major League pitching last night.

> Victor Marte actually played in a game for the first time since September 14.

> Nobody’s seen much of him, but the Cards who have are a collective 4-22 (.182) against Friday’s Atlanta starter Kris Medlen.  I still maintain the Cards are going down in flames in that game.

> MLB had the biggest turnout since 2008 this year.  Allegedly.


> Cabbies in St. Louis are now allowed to wear Cards gear during the playoffs.  In related news, cabbies cannot normally wear Cards gear.

> Look at Joe Kelly.  He looks like he’s from The Exorcist with a backwards head.

> What the heck was Carlos Belran wearing on Tuesday?

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  1. Ray DeRousse says :

    Strauss is an interesting personality. He’s abrasive, caustic, and pretty funny. He also knows baseball. In this media market, he really stands out as a unique voice. I like the guy, but I totally understand why so many don’t.

    • elmaquino says :

      i like that there’s someone who isn’t blindly devoted to the team in a market where the media and fans often sound like the think the team can do no wrong. that’s about where his appeal stops for me though. i think he takes that bluntness too far, and comes off as a d-bag more than once in a while.

  2. breakingwi says :

    I don’t read many Cards beat writers/reporters, but Strauss actually sounds relatively opposed to the Cardinals more than half the time. Obviously it’s normal for writers like you and me to criticize our teams more often than not, but we’re fans. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a professional writer rip on the team they work for so often (and still have a job afterwards) as much as Strauss.

    • elmaquino says :

      he actually goes after the teams’ fans more often than the players. but you’re right, he’s more critical than most

      • breakingwi says :

        then he’s sort of like Haudricourt in that respect

      • elmaquino says :

        haudricourt comes off as a jerk in the limited exposure I’ve gotten of him. that might be left over from when Morgan was being himself last year

      • breakingwi says :

        i like haudricourt at times, but more often than not he’s also bashing on fans. i know plenty of people whom he’s blocked because they don’t agree with him, which is pretty immature imo. he’s probably the closest thing to strauss we have; the rest of our writers are pretty unbiased and likeable

      • elmaquino says :

        i’m sure if i got the stupid twitter commentary every day all day, i’d go off more than once. but at some point, don’t you just ignore it and make reduce your interactions to productive ones?

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