Kyle Lohse did what Kyle Lohse does, going seven shutout innings and turning over to the bullpen and the offense for the 4-1 win to stay ahead of Los Angeles (rained out), Pittsburgh (lost to Milwaukee) and Milwaukee (beat Pittsburgh).


> Jake Westbrook threw a bullpen today and hopes to be back next week.

> The lamer-than-once-expected Ballpark Village has been approved.

> Mitchell Boggs pitched a couple days after he was declared too sore to play.  Two-thirds of an inning, three hits and an earned run in the eighth.

> Matt Holliday is the Cardinals’ Roberto Clemente Award nominee this year.  “News.”

> Here’s another new playoffs rule you won’t be able to keep track of.


> I teased a Yunel Escobar column on Twitter, but after trying to write it I concluded that this whole thing really wasn’t worth the attention it’s getting.

> Carlos Beltran doesn’t like sitting on the bench.

> Have you heard anyone even sort of mention Lohse in the NL Cy Young discussion?  R.A. Dickey‘s having a better year, but Lohse is in the top three right now.

> Speaking of Lohse, the Cards should give him a qualifying offer this offseason.  With his numbers, he’ll probably find a higher bid and say no thanks, and the Cards will get a compensatory draft pick next year for their troubles.

> Still speaking of Lohse, Ryan Franklin suggested him to John Mozeliak the year the Cards signed him.

> From the Idiot Symposium.

> I don’t know how you can mess up a Clint Eastwood baseball movie, but the more trailers I see, the more likely that seems.


> Albert Pujols is back in St. Louis with his wife Deidre after she gave birth to their fifth kid on Sunday.


> Let’s start the Frivs today with a game.  Which Major League player do you think this is a bobblehead of?

If you said Jose Reyes, the good news is you win.  The bad news is that you’re going blind.

> Be a baseball player, they said.  You’ll meet great people, they said.

> The Arch is back, and now it comes with an STL.

> Jose Canseco was being Jose Canseco.  Again.

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